TAO::ORB Namespace Reference


void init_orb_globals (void)
int open_services (ACE_Service_Gestalt *pcfg, int &argc, ACE_TCHAR **argv)
int close_services (ACE_Service_Gestalt *pcfg)
void default_svc_conf_entries (char const *rf_args, char const *ssf_args, char const *csf_args)

Function Documentation

int TAO::ORB::close_services ( ACE_Service_Gestalt pcfg  ) 

The complement to open_services(), this will perform appropriate ACE Service Configurator closure operations. It should be called as many times as open_services(), and will only actually close things down on the last call. It is fully thread-safe.

0 if successful, -1 with errno set if failure.

void TAO::ORB::default_svc_conf_entries ( char const *  rf_args,
char const *  ssf_args,
char const *  csf_args 

Set default `svc.conf' content. This function must be called before first ORB initialization.

void TAO::ORB::init_orb_globals ( void   ) 

Initialize the ORB globals correctly, i.e., only when they haven't been initialized yet.

int TAO::ORB::open_services ( ACE_Service_Gestalt cfg,
int &  argc,
ACE_TCHAR **  argv 

Extract ACE Service Configurator arguments from the given argument vector, and initialize the ACE Service Configurator.

This method should be called before the ORB Core is initialized, and before any ORBInitializers are invoked.

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