ACE_Tokenizer::Preserve_Entry Class Reference

Preserve Entry. More...

#include <SString.h>

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Public Attributes

ACE_TCHAR start_
int strip_

Detailed Description

Preserve Entry.

Defines a set of characters that designate an area that should not be parsed, but should be treated as a complete token. For instance, in: (this is a preserve region), start would be a left paren -(- and stop would be a right paren -)-. The strip determines whether the designators should be removed from the token.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_TCHAR ACE_Tokenizer::Preserve_Entry::start_

E.g., "(". E.g., ")". Whether the designators should be removed from the token.

ACE_TCHAR ACE_Tokenizer::Preserve_Entry::stop_

int ACE_Tokenizer::Preserve_Entry::strip_

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