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ACE_QoS_Manager Class Reference

This class manages the QoS sessions associated with ACE_SOCK. More...

#include <QoS_Manager.h>

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Public Types

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<
ACE_QoS_Session * > 

Public Member Functions

 ACE_QoS_Manager (void)
 Default constructor.
 ~ACE_QoS_Manager (void)
 Default destructor.
int join_qos_session (ACE_QoS_Session *qos_session)
ACE_QOS_SESSION_SET qos_session_set (void)
 Get the QoS session set.

Private Attributes

ACE_QOS_SESSION_SET qos_session_set_
 Set of QoS sessions that this socket has joined.

Detailed Description

This class manages the QoS sessions associated with ACE_SOCK.

This class provides functions to manage the QoS associated with a socket. The idea is to keep the management of QoS for a socket separate from the socket itself. Currently, the manager is used to manage the QoS session set. It will handle more responsibilities in the future.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<ACE_QoS_Session *> ACE_QoS_Manager::ACE_QOS_SESSION_SET

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructor.

ACE_QoS_Manager::~ACE_QoS_Manager void   ) 

Default destructor.

Member Function Documentation

int ACE_QoS_Manager::join_qos_session ACE_QoS_Session qos_session  ) 

Join the given QoS session. A socket can join multiple QoS sessions. This call adds the given QoS session to the list of QoS sessions that the socket has already joined.

ACE_Unbounded_Set< ACE_QoS_Session * > ACE_QoS_Manager::qos_session_set void   ) 

Get the QoS session set.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_QOS_SESSION_SET ACE_QoS_Manager::qos_session_set_ [private]

Set of QoS sessions that this socket has joined.

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