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Message_Queue_T.h File Reference

#include "ace/Message_Queue.h"
#include "ace/Synch_Traits.h"
#include "ace/Guard_T.h"
#include "ace/Message_Queue_T.cpp"

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class  ACE_Message_Queue<>
 A message queueing facility with parameterized synchronization capability. ACE_Message_Queue is modeled after the queueing facilities in System V STREAMs. More...
class  ACE_Message_Queue_Iterator<>
 Iterator for the ACE_Message_Queue. More...
class  ACE_Message_Queue_Reverse_Iterator<>
 Reverse Iterator for the ACE_Message_Queue. More...
class  ACE_Dynamic_Message_Queue<>
 A derived class which adapts the ACE_Message_Queue class in order to maintain dynamic priorities for enqueued <ace_message_blocks> and manage the queue order according to these dynamic priorities. More...
class  ACE_Message_Queue_Factory<>
 ACE_Message_Queue_Factory is a static factory class template which provides a separate factory method for each of the major kinds of priority based message dispatching: static, earliest deadline first (EDF), and minimum laxity first (MLF). More...
class  ACE_Message_Queue_Ex< ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE, >
 A threaded message queueing facility, modeled after the queueing facilities in System V STREAMs. More...


typedef ACE_Message_Queue<

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Douglas C. Schmidt <>

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