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CDR_Stream.h File Reference

#include "ace/CDR_Base.h"
#include "ace/SStringfwd.h"
#include "ace/Message_Block.h"
#include "ace/CDR_Stream.inl"

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class  ACE_OutputCDR
 A CDR stream for writing, i.e. for marshalling. More...
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_boolean
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_octet
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_char
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_wchar
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_string
struct  ACE_OutputCDR::from_wstring
class  ACE_InputCDR
 A CDR stream for reading, i.e. for demarshalling. More...
struct  ACE_InputCDR::Transfer_Contents
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_boolean
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_char
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_wchar
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_octet
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_string
struct  ACE_InputCDR::to_wstring
class  ACE_Char_Codeset_Translator
 Codeset translation routines common to both Output and Input CDR streams. More...
class  ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator
 Codeset translation routines common to both Output and Input CDR streams. More...


#define ACE_CDR_BYTE_ORDER   0


ACE_Export ACE_CDR::Boolean operator<< (ACE_OutputCDR &os, const ACE_CString &x)
ACE_Export ACE_CDR::Boolean operator>> (ACE_InputCDR &is, ACE_CString &x)

Detailed Description

CDR_Stream.h,v 1.92 2006/01/25 13:05:49 jwillemsen Exp

ACE Common Data Representation (CDR) marshaling and demarshaling classes.

This implementation was inspired in the CDR class in SunSoft's IIOP engine, but has a completely different implementation and a different interface too.

The current implementation assumes that the host has 1-byte, 2-byte and 4-byte integral types, and that it has single precision and double precision IEEE floats. Those assumptions are pretty good these days, with Crays beign the only known exception.

Optimizations ------------- ACE_LACKS_CDR_ALIGNMENT

Arvind S. Krishna <>
CDR stream ignores alignment when marshaling data. Use this option only when ACE_DISABLE_SWAP_ON_READ can be enabled. This option requires ACE CDR engine to do both marshaling and demarshaling.

TAO version by Aniruddha Gokhale <>

Carlos O'Ryan <>

ACE version by Jeff Parsons <>

Istvan Buki <>

Codeset translation by Jim Rogers <>

Define Documentation

#define ACE_CDR_BYTE_ORDER   0

Function Documentation

ACE_Export ACE_CDR::Boolean operator<< ACE_OutputCDR os,
const ACE_CString x

ACE_Export ACE_CDR::Boolean operator>> ACE_InputCDR is,
ACE_CString x

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