TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials Class Reference

SSLIOP-specific implementation of the SecurityLevel3::Credentials interface. More...

#include <SSLIOP_Credentials.h>

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Public Types

typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr _ptr_type
typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_var _var_type
typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_out _out_type

Public Member Functions

 SSLIOP_Credentials (::X509 *cert,::EVP_PKEY *evp)
::EVP_PKEYevp (void)
 Return a pointer to the underlying private key.
bool operator== (const SSLIOP_Credentials &rhs)
CORBA::ULong hash (void) const
SecurityLevel3::Credentials Methods
Methods required by the SecurityLevel3::Credentials interface.

virtual char * creds_id (void)
virtual SecurityLevel3::CredentialsType creds_type (void)=0
virtual SecurityLevel3::CredentialsUsage creds_usage ()
virtual TimeBase::UtcT expiry_time (void)
virtual SecurityLevel3::CredentialsState creds_state ()
virtual char * add_relinquished_listener (SecurityLevel3::RelinquishedCredentialsListener_ptr listener)
virtual void remove_relinquished_listener (const char *id)
SecurityLevel3::Credentials Methods
::X509x509 (void)
 Return a pointer to the underlying X.509 certificate.

Static Public Member Functions

static SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr _duplicate (SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr obj)
static SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr _narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr _nil (void)

Protected Member Functions

 ~SSLIOP_Credentials (void)

Protected Attributes

SSLIOP::X509_var x509_
CORBA::String_var id_
 Credentials Identifier.
SecurityLevel3::CredentialsUsage creds_usage_
 The intended usage of the Credentials.
TimeBase::UtcT expiry_time_
 The time these Credentials expire.
SecurityLevel3::CredentialsState creds_state_
 The validity of the Credentials.

Detailed Description

SSLIOP-specific implementation of the SecurityLevel3::Credentials interface.

This class encapsulates the X.509 certificate associated with a given a principal.

Why is this class not the TAO::SSLIOP namespace? Because brain damaged MSVC++ 6 cannot call a base class constructor of class declared in a namespace that is more than one level deep in a sub-class base member initializer list.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_ptr_type

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_var TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_var_type

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

typedef SSLIOP::Credentials_out TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_out_type

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

::EVP_PKEY evp 


TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::~SSLIOP_Credentials ( void   )  [protected]


Protected destructor to enforce proper memory management through the reference counting mechanism.

Member Function Documentation

char * TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_id ( void   )  [virtual]

virtual SecurityLevel3::CredentialsType TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_type ( void   )  [pure virtual]

SecurityLevel3::CredentialsUsage TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_usage (  )  [virtual]

TimeBase::UtcT TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::expiry_time ( void   )  [virtual]

SecurityLevel3::CredentialsState TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_state (  )  [virtual]

char * TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::add_relinquished_listener ( SecurityLevel3::RelinquishedCredentialsListener_ptr  listener  )  [virtual]

void TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::remove_relinquished_listener ( const char *  id  )  [virtual]


Return a pointer to the underlying X.509 certificate.

Caller owns the returned object. Use a TAO::SSLIOP::X509_var.

ACE_INLINE::EVP_PKEY * TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::evp ( void   ) 

Return a pointer to the underlying private key.

Non-zero value if private key is used.
Caller owns the returned object. Use a TAO::SSLIOP::EVP_PKEY_var.

bool TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::operator== ( const SSLIOP_Credentials rhs  ) 

CORBA::ULong TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::hash ( void   )  const

static SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_duplicate ( SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr  obj  )  [static]

TAO::SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_narrow ( CORBA::Object_ptr  obj  )  [static]

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

static SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::_nil ( void   )  [inline, static]

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

Member Data Documentation

SSLIOP::X509_var TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::x509_ [protected]

Reference to the X.509 certificate associated with this SSLIOP Credentials object.

SSLIOP::EVP_PKEY_var TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::evp_ [protected]

Reference to the private key associated with the X.509 certificate.

CORBA::String_var TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::id_ [protected]

Credentials Identifier.

SecurityLevel3::CredentialsUsage TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_usage_ [protected]

The intended usage of the Credentials.

TimeBase::UtcT TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::expiry_time_ [protected]

The time these Credentials expire.

SecurityLevel3::CredentialsState TAO::SSLIOP_Credentials::creds_state_ [protected]

The validity of the Credentials.

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