SSLIOP::Current Interface Reference

The following are TAO extensions. More...

import "SSLIOP.idl";

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Public Member Functions

ASN_1_Cert get_peer_certificate () raises (NoContext)
SSL_Cert get_peer_certificate_chain () raises (NoContext)
boolean no_context ()


exception  NoContext

Detailed Description

The following are TAO extensions.

The SSLIOP::Current interface provides methods to gain access to the SSL session state for the current execution context.

Member Function Documentation

ASN_1_Cert SSLIOP::Current::get_peer_certificate (  )  raises (NoContext)

Return the peer certificate associated with the current request.

Implemented in TAO::SSLIOP::Current.

SSL_Cert SSLIOP::Current::get_peer_certificate_chain (  )  raises (NoContext)

On the client side, the chain does include the peer (server) certficate. However, the certificate chain on the server side does NOT contain the peer (client) certificate.

Implemented in TAO::SSLIOP::Current.

boolean SSLIOP::Current::no_context (  ) 

Returns true if the current execution context is not within a SSL session. This method is mostly useful as an inexpensive means of determining whether or not SSL session state is available.

Implemented in TAO::SSLIOP::Current.

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