TAO_Queued_Data Class Reference

Represents a node in the queue of incoming messages. More...

#include <Incoming_Message_Queue.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Queued_Data (ACE_Allocator *alloc=0)
 Default Constructor.
 TAO_Queued_Data (ACE_Message_Block *mb, ACE_Allocator *alloc=0)
 TAO_Queued_Data (const TAO_Queued_Data &qd)
 Copy constructor.
int consolidate (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_Queued_Datamake_queued_data (ACE_Allocator *message_buffer_alloc=0, ACE_Allocator *input_cdr_alloc=0, ACE_Data_Block *db=0)
 Creation of a node in the queue.
static void release (TAO_Queued_Data *qd)
 Deletion of a node from the queue.
static TAO_Queued_Dataduplicate (TAO_Queued_Data &qd)

Public Attributes

 The message block that contains the message.
CORBA::Octet major_version_
CORBA::Octet minor_version_
CORBA::Octet byte_order_
 The byte order of the message that is stored in the node.
CORBA::Octet more_fragments_
TAO_Pluggable_Message_Type msg_type_
 The message type of the message.
 Pounter to the next element in the queue.
Missing Data details
The missing_data_ member contains the number of bytes of data missing from msg_block_.

size_t missing_data_

Static Private Member Functions

static void replace_data_block (ACE_Message_Block &mb)

Private Attributes

 The allocator used to allocate this class.

Detailed Description

Represents a node in the queue of incoming messages.

This class contains necessary information about a message that is stored in the queue. Such a node can be used by the incoming thread from the reactor to dequeue and process the message by sending it to the higher layers of the ORB.

The ACE_Message_Block contained within this class may contain a chain of message blocks (usually when GIOP fragments are involved). In that case consolidate () needs to be called prior to being sent to higher layers of the ORB when the GIOP fragment chain is complete.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Queued_Data::TAO_Queued_Data ( ACE_Allocator alloc = 0  ) 

Default Constructor.

TAO_Queued_Data::TAO_Queued_Data ( ACE_Message_Block mb,
ACE_Allocator alloc = 0 


TAO_Queued_Data::TAO_Queued_Data ( const TAO_Queued_Data qd  ) 

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_Queued_Data * TAO_Queued_Data::make_queued_data ( ACE_Allocator message_buffer_alloc = 0,
ACE_Allocator input_cdr_alloc = 0,
ACE_Data_Block db = 0 
) [static]

Creation of a node in the queue.

void TAO_Queued_Data::release ( TAO_Queued_Data qd  )  [static]

Deletion of a node from the queue.

TAO_Queued_Data * TAO_Queued_Data::duplicate ( TAO_Queued_Data qd  )  [static]

Duplicate ourselves. This creates a copy of ourselves on the heap and returns a pointer to the duplicated node.

int TAO_Queued_Data::consolidate ( void   ) 

Consolidate this fragments chained message blocks into one.

-1 if consolidation failed, eg out or memory, otherwise 0

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Queued_Data::replace_data_block ( ACE_Message_Block mb  )  [static, private]

Replace the datablock with a one allocated on the heap or allocator

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Message_Block* TAO_Queued_Data::msg_block_

The message block that contains the message.

size_t TAO_Queued_Data::missing_data_

Data missing in the above message that hasn't been read or processed yet, the value TAO_MISSING_DATA_UNDEFINED indicates it hasn't been processed yet, otherwise greater or equal zero.

CORBA::Octet TAO_Queued_Data::major_version_

Many protocols like GIOP have a major and minor version information that would be needed to read and decipher the message.

CORBA::Octet TAO_Queued_Data::minor_version_

CORBA::Octet TAO_Queued_Data::byte_order_

The byte order of the message that is stored in the node.

CORBA::Octet TAO_Queued_Data::more_fragments_

Some messages can be fragmented by the protocol (this is an ORB level fragmentation on top of the TCP/IP fragmentation. This member indicates whether the message that we have recd. and queue already has more fragments that is missing..

TAO_Pluggable_Message_Type TAO_Queued_Data::msg_type_

The message type of the message.

TAO_Queued_Data* TAO_Queued_Data::next_

Pounter to the next element in the queue.

ACE_Allocator* TAO_Queued_Data::allocator_ [private]

The allocator used to allocate this class.

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