CosNaming::NamingContextExt Interface Reference

import "CosNaming.idl";

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Public Types

typedef string StringName
 Stringified form of a Name.
typedef string Address
 URL address such as
typedef string URLString
 Stringified form of a URL address componoent.

Public Member Functions

StringName to_string (in Name n) raises (InvalidName)
Name to_name (in StringName sn) raises (InvalidName)
URLString to_url (in Address addr, in StringName sn) raises (InvalidAddress, InvalidName)
Object resolve_str (in StringName n) raises (NotFound, CannotProceed, InvalidName)


exception  InvalidAddress
 Indicates that the URL address is invalid. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for providing operations required to use URLs and stringified names.

Reference to: Document orbos/98-10-11 (Interoperable Naming Joint Revised Submission) Joint Submission by BEA Systems, DSTC, IONA, and Inprise

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef string CosNaming::NamingContextExt::Address

URL address such as

typedef string CosNaming::NamingContextExt::StringName

Stringified form of a Name.

typedef string CosNaming::NamingContextExt::URLString

Stringified form of a URL address componoent.

Member Function Documentation

Object CosNaming::NamingContextExt::resolve_str ( in StringName  n  )  raises (NotFound, CannotProceed, InvalidName)

This is similar to resolve as in the CosNaming::NamingContext interface, except that it accepts a stringified name as an argument instead of a Name.

Name CosNaming::NamingContextExt::to_name ( in StringName  sn  )  raises (InvalidName)

This operation returns a Name. If the input stringified name is syntactically malformed or violates an implementation limit, an InvalidName exception is raised.

StringName CosNaming::NamingContextExt::to_string ( in Name  n  )  raises (InvalidName)

This operation accepts a Name and returns a stringified name. If the name is invalid, an InvalidName exception is raised.

URLString CosNaming::NamingContextExt::to_url ( in Address  addr,
in StringName  sn 
) raises (InvalidAddress, InvalidName)

It performs any escapes necessary on the stringified name and returns a fully formed URL string. An exception is raised if either the protocol or name parameters are invalid.

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