TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl Class Reference

This class holds all the different GIOP message generators and parsers. More...

#include <GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static CORBA::Boolean check_revision (CORBA::Octet incoming_major, CORBA::Octet incoming_minor)
 Performs a check of the revision numbers.

Public Attributes

TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_10 tao_giop_10
 Version 1.0 of GIOP.
TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_11 tao_giop_11
 Version 1.1 of GIOP.
TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_12 tao_giop_12
 Version 1.2 of GIOP.

Detailed Description

This class holds all the different GIOP message generators and parsers.

This class can be done away with if we want to use the svc.conf file to load the right GIOP protocol. But that would require some work as we need to make sure that we have the behaviours of lower versions in the higher versions.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL ACE_INLINE CORBA::Boolean TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl::check_revision ( CORBA::Octet  incoming_major,
CORBA::Octet  incoming_minor 
) [static]

Performs a check of the revision numbers.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_10 TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl::tao_giop_10

Version 1.0 of GIOP.

TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_11 TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl::tao_giop_11

Version 1.1 of GIOP.

TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_12 TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_Impl::tao_giop_12

Version 1.2 of GIOP.

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