TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter Class Reference

Generic interface for the DII invocation object visible. More...

#include <DII_Invocation_Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DII_Invocation_Adapter (CORBA::Object *target, Argument **args, int arg_number, const char *operation, size_t op_len, CORBA::ExceptionList *exception, CORBA::Request *r, Invocation_Mode mode=TAO_DII_INVOCATION)
virtual ~DII_Invocation_Adapter (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual Invocation_Status invoke_twoway (TAO_Operation_Details &op, CORBA::Object_var &effective_target, Profile_Transport_Resolver &r, ACE_Time_Value *&max_wait_time)

Private Member Functions

 DII_Invocation_Adapter (void)
 Dont allow default initializations.
 DII_Invocation_Adapter (const DII_Invocation_Adapter &)
DII_Invocation_Adapteroperator= (const DII_Invocation_Adapter &)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Generic interface for the DII invocation object visible.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::DII_Invocation_Adapter ( CORBA::Object target,
Argument **  args,
int  arg_number,
const char *  operation,
size_t  op_len,
CORBA::ExceptionList exception,
CORBA::Request r,
Invocation_Mode  mode = TAO_DII_INVOCATION 

target Points to the object on which this invocation is being invoked.
args Array of pointers to the argument list in the operation declaration. this includes the return, inout and out arguments.
arg_number Number of arguments in the above array. This is the number of elements in the above array.
operation The name of the operation being invoked.
ope_len Number of charecters in the operation name. This is an optimization which helps us to avoid calling strlen () while creating a message format.
mode Invocation mode. This information is also available in the IDL file and in the generated code.

virtual TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::~DII_Invocation_Adapter ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::DII_Invocation_Adapter ( void   )  [private]

Dont allow default initializations.

TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::DII_Invocation_Adapter ( const DII_Invocation_Adapter  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

Invocation_Status TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::invoke_twoway ( TAO_Operation_Details op,
CORBA::Object_var effective_target,
Profile_Transport_Resolver r,
ACE_Time_Value *&  max_wait_time 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TAO::Invocation_Adapter.

DII_Invocation_Adapter& TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::operator= ( const DII_Invocation_Adapter  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::ExceptionList* TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::exception_list_ [private]

CORBA::Request* TAO::DII_Invocation_Adapter::request_ [private]

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