TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes Struct Reference

Helper class to initialize a TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway. More...

#include <ECG_Mcast_Gateway.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Attributes (void)

Public Attributes

Address_Server_Type address_server_type
Handler_Type handler_type
Service_Type service_type
u_char ttl_value
ACE_CString nic
int ip_multicast_loop
int non_blocking

Detailed Description

Helper class to initialize a TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway.

The TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway class has several properties that can be configured at initialization time, with default values. The canonical trick of using a constructor or init() method with multiple arguments does not work because to change the last argument the application developer needs to know all the other defaults.

Instead we define a helper class that initializes all the fields to reasonable defaults. The application only sets the fields that it is interested into, if new fields are added applications do not need to change.

With a little trickery we can even eliminate named temporaries:

TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway gw;

but we are not implementing that one (detecting errors is too hard without exceptions and ACE+TAO are somewhat shy of exceptions at this point.)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::Attributes ( void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

Address_Server_Type TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::address_server_type

Handler_Type TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::handler_type

int TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::ip_multicast_loop

ACE_CString TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::nic

int TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::non_blocking

Service_Type TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::service_type

u_char TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::Attributes::ttl_value

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