TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer Class Reference

TAO Real-time Event Service; a simple UDP address server. More...

#include <EC_UDP_Admin.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer (CORBA::UShort port)
virtual ~TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer (void)

Private Attributes

CORBA::UShort port_

Detailed Description

TAO Real-time Event Service; a simple UDP address server.

The EC is able to use multiple multicast groups to transmit its data, the is given control over the mapping between the Event (type,source) pair and the (ipaddr,port) pair using a AddrServer. This class implements a very simple server that simply maps the type component to the ipaddr and uses a fixed port, provided at initialization time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer::TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer ( CORBA::UShort  port  ) 


TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer::~TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer ( void   )  [virtual]


Member Data Documentation

CORBA::UShort TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServer::port_ [private]

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