TAO_Object_Adapter::No_Hint_Strategy Class Reference

This class doesn't use any hints for POA active hint strategy. More...

#include <Object_Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~No_Hint_Strategy (void)
virtual int find_persistent_poa (const poa_name &system_name, TAO_Root_POA *&poa)
virtual int bind_persistent_poa (const poa_name &folded_name, TAO_Root_POA *poa, poa_name_out system_name)
virtual int unbind_persistent_poa (const poa_name &folded_name, const poa_name &system_name)

Detailed Description

This class doesn't use any hints for POA active hint strategy.

This class will simply use the POA names as is. And since no hint is added, the IORs will be smaller.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Object_Adapter::No_Hint_Strategy::~No_Hint_Strategy ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int TAO_Object_Adapter::No_Hint_Strategy::bind_persistent_poa ( const poa_name folded_name,
TAO_Root_POA poa,
poa_name_out  system_name 
) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Object_Adapter::Hint_Strategy.

int TAO_Object_Adapter::No_Hint_Strategy::find_persistent_poa ( const poa_name system_name,
TAO_Root_POA *&  poa 
) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Object_Adapter::Hint_Strategy.

int TAO_Object_Adapter::No_Hint_Strategy::unbind_persistent_poa ( const poa_name folded_name,
const poa_name system_name 
) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Object_Adapter::Hint_Strategy.

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