TAO::ORB_Table Class Reference

Keep a table with all the ORBs in the system. More...

#include <ORB_Table.h>

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Public Types

typedef ACE_Array_Map< CORBA::String_var,
ORB_Core_Ref_Counter, TAO::String_Var_Equal_To > 
typedef Table::key_type key_type
typedef Table::data_type data_type
typedef Table::value_type value_type
typedef Table::size_type size_type
typedef Table::iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

 ORB_Table (void)
::TAO_ORB_Core *const * get_orbs (size_t &num_orbs)
::TAO_ORB_Corefirst_orb (void)
void set_default (char const *orb_id)
void not_default (char const *orb_id)
Tabletable (void)
 Accessor to the underlying table_.
TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX & lock (void)
 Return reference to underlying lock.
The canonical ACE_Map methods.
iterator begin (void)
iterator end (void)
int bind (const char *orb_id,::TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
::TAO_ORB_Corefind (const char *orb_id)
int unbind (const char *orb_id)

Static Public Member Functions

static ORB_Tableinstance (void)
 Return a unique instance.

Private Member Functions

 ORB_Table (const ORB_Table &)
void operator= (const ORB_Table &)
::TAO_ORB_Corefind_i (char const *orb_id)

Private Attributes

 Lock used to synchronize access to the internal state.
bool first_orb_not_default_
Table table_
 The underlying table.
 The first ORB created by the user.
::TAO_ORB_Core ** orbs_
 List of orbs for get_orbs call.
size_t num_orbs_
 Number of ORBs in the table.

Detailed Description

Keep a table with all the ORBs in the system.

CORBA::ORB_init() is supposed to return the same ORB if the user specifies the same ORBid, either in the ORB_init() parameter or in the -ORBid option. This class is used to implement that feature. It is also useful when trying to determine if an object reference is collocated or not.

This class should be instantiated via its instance() method. Normally this would be enforced by making the constructor protected but that forces a friend declaration containing a template type (TAO_Singleton) with a static member to be introduced. In turn, this potentially introduces problems in MS Windows DLL environments due to the occurance of multiple singleton instances. There should only be one!

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Table::data_type TAO::ORB_Table::data_type

typedef Table::iterator TAO::ORB_Table::iterator

typedef Table::key_type TAO::ORB_Table::key_type

typedef Table::size_type TAO::ORB_Table::size_type

typedef ACE_Array_Map<CORBA::String_var, ORB_Core_Ref_Counter, TAO::String_Var_Equal_To> TAO::ORB_Table::Table

typedef Table::value_type TAO::ORB_Table::value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



See the note in the class description for an explanation of why this constructor is not protected.

TAO::ORB_Table::ORB_Table ( const ORB_Table  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE TAO::ORB_Table::iterator TAO::ORB_Table::begin ( void   ) 

int TAO::ORB_Table::bind ( const char *  orb_id,
::TAO_ORB_Core orb_core 

ACE_INLINE TAO::ORB_Table::iterator TAO::ORB_Table::end ( void   ) 

TAO_ORB_Core * TAO::ORB_Table::find ( const char *  orb_id  ) 

The caller must decrease the reference count on the returned ORB_Core, i.e. the callers "owns" it.

::TAO_ORB_Core* TAO::ORB_Table::find_i ( char const *  orb_id  )  [private]

Return TAO_ORB_Core corresponding to ORB with given orb_id. (underlying unlocked implementation).


Obtain the first ORB for the ORB_Core_instance() implementation.

ACE_INLINE::TAO_ORB_Core *const * TAO::ORB_Table::get_orbs ( size_t &  num_orbs  ) 

TAO::ORB_Table * TAO::ORB_Table::instance ( void   )  [static]

Return a unique instance.

ACE_INLINE TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX & TAO::ORB_Table::lock ( void   ) 

Return reference to underlying lock.

void TAO::ORB_Table::not_default ( char const *  orb_id  ) 

Method the ORB invokes to specify that it doesnt want to be the default ORB if there are more than one ORB registered.

void TAO::ORB_Table::operator= ( const ORB_Table  )  [private]

void TAO::ORB_Table::set_default ( char const *  orb_id  ) 

Set the ORB related to the orb_id as the default ORB and not the ORB that is first binded.

ACE_INLINE TAO::ORB_Table::Table * TAO::ORB_Table::table ( void   ) 

Accessor to the underlying table_.

int TAO::ORB_Table::unbind ( const char *  orb_id  ) 

Member Data Documentation

::TAO_ORB_Core* TAO::ORB_Table::first_orb_ [private]

The first ORB created by the user.

bool TAO::ORB_Table::first_orb_not_default_ [private]

Variable to check if the first ORB decides not to be the default.

::TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX TAO::ORB_Table::lock_ [private]

Lock used to synchronize access to the internal state.

size_t TAO::ORB_Table::num_orbs_ [private]

Number of ORBs in the table.

::TAO_ORB_Core** TAO::ORB_Table::orbs_ [private]

List of orbs for get_orbs call.

ORB_Table::orbs_ appears to be unused. Remove it?

Table TAO::ORB_Table::table_ [private]

The underlying table.

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