Lib_Find.h File Reference

#include "ace/os_include/os_stdio.h"

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namespace  ACE


ACE::ldfind (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, ACE_TCHAR pathname[], size_t maxpathnamelen)
FILE * ACE::ldopen (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *type)
ACE_TCHARACE::ldname (const ACE_TCHAR *entry_point)
int ACE::get_temp_dir (ACE_TCHAR *buffer, size_t buffer_len)
ACE_HANDLE ACE::open_temp_file (const ACE_TCHAR *name, int mode, int perm)
size_t ACE::strrepl (char *s, char search, char replace)
char * ACE::strsplit_r (char *str, const char *token, char *&next_start)
size_t ACE::strrepl (wchar_t *s, wchar_t search, wchar_t replace)
 As strrepl, but for wide characters.
wchar_t * ACE::strsplit_r (wchar_t *s, const wchar_t *token, wchar_t *&next_start)
 As strsplit_r, but for wide characters.

Detailed Description

All the static function calls needed to search and open shared libraries.

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