ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base Class Reference

Basic information for thread descriptors. These information gets extracted out because we need it after a thread is terminated. More...

#include <Thread_Manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base (void)
 ~ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base (void)
bool operator== (const ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base &rhs) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (const ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base &rhs) const
 Inequality operator.
int grp_id (void) const
 Group ID.
ACE_UINT32 state (void) const
 Current state of the thread.
ACE_Task_Basetask (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void reset (void)
 Reset this base thread descriptor.

Protected Attributes

ACE_thread_t thr_id_
 Unique thread ID.
ACE_hthread_t thr_handle_
 Unique handle to thread (used by Win32 and AIX).
int grp_id_
 Group ID.
ACE_UINT32 thr_state_
 Current state of the thread.


class ACE_Thread_Manager
class ACE_Double_Linked_List< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base >
class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator_Base< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base >
class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base >
class ACE_Double_Linked_List< ACE_Thread_Descriptor >
class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator_Base< ACE_Thread_Descriptor >
class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator< ACE_Thread_Descriptor >

Detailed Description

Basic information for thread descriptors. These information gets extracted out because we need it after a thread is terminated.

For internal use only.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base ( void   ) 

ACE_INLINE ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::~ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE int ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::grp_id ( void   )  const

Group ID.

ACE_INLINE bool ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::operator!= ( const ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base rhs  )  const

Inequality operator.

ACE_INLINE bool ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::operator== ( const ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base rhs  )  const

Equality operator.

ACE_INLINE void ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::reset ( void   )  [protected]

Reset this base thread descriptor.

ACE_INLINE ACE_UINT32 ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::state ( void   )  const

Current state of the thread.

ACE_INLINE ACE_Task_Base * ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::task ( void   )  const

Return the pointer to an <ACE_Task_Base> or NULL if there's no <ACE_Task_Base> associated with this thread.;

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List< ACE_Thread_Descriptor > [friend]

Reimplemented in ACE_Thread_Descriptor.

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base > [friend]

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator< ACE_Thread_Descriptor > [friend]

Reimplemented in ACE_Thread_Descriptor.

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base > [friend]

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator_Base< ACE_Thread_Descriptor > [friend]

friend class ACE_Double_Linked_List_Iterator_Base< ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base > [friend]

friend class ACE_Thread_Manager [friend]

Reimplemented in ACE_Thread_Descriptor.

Member Data Documentation

int ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::grp_id_ [protected]

Group ID.

ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base* ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::next_ [protected]

We need these pointers to maintain the double-linked list in a thread managers.

ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base* ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::prev_ [protected]

ACE_Task_Base* ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::task_ [protected]

Pointer to an <ACE_Task_Base> or NULL if there's no <ACE_Task_Base>.

ACE_hthread_t ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::thr_handle_ [protected]

Unique handle to thread (used by Win32 and AIX).

ACE_thread_t ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::thr_id_ [protected]

Unique thread ID.

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Thread_Descriptor_Base::thr_state_ [protected]

Current state of the thread.

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