ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository Class Reference

Used to map ACE_HANDLEs onto the appropriate ACE_Event_Handler *. More...

#include <Select_Reactor_Base.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository (ACE_Select_Reactor_Impl &)
 Default "do-nothing" constructor.
 ~ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository (void)
int open (size_t size)
 Initialize a repository of the appropriate <size>.
int close (void)
 Close down the repository.
ACE_Event_Handlerfind (ACE_HANDLE handle, size_t *index_p=0)
int bind (ACE_HANDLE, ACE_Event_Handler *, ACE_Reactor_Mask)
int unbind (ACE_HANDLE, ACE_Reactor_Mask mask)
 Remove the binding of ACE_HANDLE in accordance with the mask.
int unbind_all (void)
 Remove all the <ACE_HANDLE, ACE_Event_Handler> tuples.
int invalid_handle (ACE_HANDLE handle)
int handle_in_range (ACE_HANDLE handle)
size_t size (void) const
 Returns the current table size.
size_t max_handlep1 (void)
 Maximum ACE_HANDLE value, plus 1.
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of an object.

Public Attributes

 Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Private Attributes

 Reference to our <Select_Reactor>.
ssize_t max_size_
 Maximum number of handles.
int max_handlep1_


class ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository_Iterator

Detailed Description

Used to map ACE_HANDLEs onto the appropriate ACE_Event_Handler *.

This class is necessary to shield differences between UNIX and Win32. In UNIX, ACE_HANDLE is an int, whereas in Win32 it's a void *. This class hides all these details from the bulk of the ACE_Select_Reactor code. All of these methods are called with the main <Select_Reactor> token lock held.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository ( ACE_Select_Reactor_Impl  ) 

Default "do-nothing" constructor.

ACE_INLINE ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::~ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository ( void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::bind ( ACE_HANDLE  ,
ACE_Event_Handler ,

Bind the ACE_Event_Handler * to the ACE_HANDLE with the appropriate ACE_Reactor_Mask settings.

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::close ( void   ) 

Close down the repository.

void ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::dump ( void   )  const

Dump the state of an object.

ACE_Event_Handler * ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::find ( ACE_HANDLE  handle,
size_t *  index_p = 0 

Return the <ACE_Event_Handler *> associated with ACE_HANDLE. If <index_p> is non-0, then return the index location of the <handle>, if found.

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::handle_in_range ( ACE_HANDLE  handle  ) 

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::invalid_handle ( ACE_HANDLE  handle  ) 

size_t ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::max_handlep1 ( void   ) 

Maximum ACE_HANDLE value, plus 1.

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::open ( size_t  size  ) 

Initialize a repository of the appropriate <size>.

On Unix platforms, the size parameter should be as large as the maximum number of file descriptors allowed for a given process. This is necessary since a file descriptor is used to directly index the array of event handlers maintained by the Reactor's handler repository. Direct indexing is used for efficiency reasons.

ACE_INLINE size_t ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::size ( void   )  const

Returns the current table size.

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::unbind ( ACE_HANDLE  ,
ACE_Reactor_Mask  mask 

Remove the binding of ACE_HANDLE in accordance with the mask.

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::unbind_all ( void   ) 

Remove all the <ACE_HANDLE, ACE_Event_Handler> tuples.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository_Iterator [friend]

Member Data Documentation


Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

ACE_Event_Tuple* ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::event_handlers_ [private]

The NT version implements this via a dynamically allocated array of <ACE_Event_Tuple *>. Since NT implements ACE_HANDLE as a void * we can't directly index into this array. Therefore, we just do a linear search (for now). Next, we'll modify things to use hashing or something faster...

int ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::max_handlep1_ [private]

The highest currently active handle, plus 1 (ranges between 0 and <max_size_>.

ssize_t ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::max_size_ [private]

Maximum number of handles.

ACE_Select_Reactor_Impl& ACE_Select_Reactor_Handler_Repository::select_reactor_ [private]

Reference to our <Select_Reactor>.

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