ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy Class Reference

Proxy for acquiring, renewing, and releasing a distributed synchronization token. More...

#include <Remote_Tokens.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy (void)
 Null construction.
virtual ~ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy (void)
int open (const ACE_TCHAR *name, int ignore_deadlock=0, int debug=0)
int initiate_connection (void)
virtual int acquire (int notify=0, void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::synch)
virtual int tryacquire (void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0)
virtual int renew (int requeue_position=0, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::synch)
virtual int release (ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::synch)
virtual int remove (ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::synch)
virtual void token_acquired (ACE_TPQ_Entry *)
 Override the default to do nothing.
virtual const ACE_TCHARowner_id (void)
 The client id of the current token holder.
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of the class.

Static Public Member Functions

static void set_server_address (const ACE_INET_Addr &server_address)

Protected Member Functions

int request_reply (ACE_Token_Request &request, ACE_Synch_Options &options)
 Perform the request and wait for the reply.

Protected Attributes

int ignore_shadow_deadlock_
 If shadows report deadlock, go remote anyway.

Detailed Description

Proxy for acquiring, renewing, and releasing a distributed synchronization token.

The Remote_Token_Proxy class implements the mechanisms for distributed token operations. It is similar to the ACE_Token_Proxy. = BUGS Distributed sleep_hooks have not been implemented. <owner_id> is not implemented.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy ( void   ) 

Null construction.

ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::~ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy ( void   )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::acquire ( int  notify = 0,
void(*)(void *)  sleep_hook = 0,
ACE_Synch_Options options = ACE_Synch_Options::synch 
) [virtual]

Acquire the distributed token. If notify is specified and the token is already held, the owner is notified. options contains the timeout value for the acquire call. The timer is kept at the token server. Asynchronous operations are not supported. Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure with <errno> == problem.

void ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::dump ( void   )  const

Dump the state of the class.

Reimplemented in ACE_Remote_Mutex, ACE_Remote_RLock, and ACE_Remote_WLock.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::initiate_connection ( void   ) 

Open a connection with the token server. This only need be used when the user wishes to explicitly open a connection to check if the server exists. Connections are stored in the ACE_Token_Connections singleton as thread-specific data. That is, every thread has only one connection that is used for all remote tokens.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::open ( const ACE_TCHAR name,
int  ignore_deadlock = 0,
int  debug = 0 

Same as Token_Proxy. <name> is the string uniquely identifying the token. <ignore_deadlock> can be 1 to disable deadlock notifications. <debug> prints debug messages.

const ACE_TCHAR * ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::owner_id ( void   )  [virtual]

The client id of the current token holder.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::release ( ACE_Synch_Options options = ACE_Synch_Options::synch  )  [virtual]

Release the distributed token. Similar to ACE_Local_Mutex, if the caller is not the owner, it is removed from the waiter list (if applicable.) Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure with <errno> == problem.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::remove ( ACE_Synch_Options options = ACE_Synch_Options::synch  )  [virtual]

Become interface compliant for ACE_Guard<>. This has no functionality.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::renew ( int  requeue_position = 0,
ACE_Synch_Options options = ACE_Synch_Options::synch 
) [virtual]

Renew the token by offering to release it if there are any other waiters, otherwise get the token back immediately. This renew has the same semantics as ACE_Local_Mutex release. It is semantically equivalent to <release> followed by <acquire>, but it is faster. options contains the timeout value used if renew blocks. As with acquire, the timer is maintained at the token server. If there are waiters and requeue_position == -1, the caller is queued at the rear of the waiter list. Otherwise, requeue_position specifies the number of waiters to "let by" before reacquiring the token (effectively, the position in the waiter list.)

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::request_reply ( ACE_Token_Request &  request,
ACE_Synch_Options options 
) [protected]

Perform the request and wait for the reply.

void ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::set_server_address ( const ACE_INET_Addr server_address  )  [static]

Sets the server address for all instances of ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy If this isn't called, the environment variable TOKEN_SERVER is checked for the server address. If that is not specified, all ACE_Remote_** operations will fail.

void ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::token_acquired ( ACE_TPQ_Entry *   )  [virtual]

Override the default to do nothing.

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::tryacquire ( void(*)(void *)  sleep_hook = 0  )  [virtual]

Try to acquire the distributed token. If the token is already held, the call returns without queueing the caller as a waiter. Returns 0 on success (the token was acquired), and -1 with EWOULDBLOCK if the token was already held.

Member Data Documentation

int ACE_Remote_Token_Proxy::ignore_shadow_deadlock_ [protected]

If shadows report deadlock, go remote anyway.

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