ACE_Name_Reply Class Reference

Message format for delivering replies from the ACE_Name Server. More...

#include <Name_Request_Reply.h>

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Public Types

 Class-specific constant values.
enum  Constants { MAX_NAME_LENGTH = MAXPATHLEN + 1 }

Public Member Functions

 ACE_Name_Reply (void)
 Default constructor.
 ACE_Name_Reply (ACE_UINT32 type, ACE_UINT32 err)
 Create a <ACE_Name_Reply> message.
void init (void)
ACE_UINT32 length (void) const
void length (ACE_UINT32)
ACE_INT32 msg_type (void) const
void msg_type (ACE_INT32)
ACE_INT32 status (void) const
void status (ACE_INT32)
ACE_UINT32 errnum (void) const
void errnum (ACE_UINT32)
int encode (void *&)
 Encode the message before transfer.
int decode (void)
 Decode a message after reception.
void dump (void) const
 Print out the values of the message for debugging purposes.

Private Attributes

Transfer transfer_
 Transfer buffer.


struct  Transfer

Detailed Description

Message format for delivering replies from the ACE_Name Server.

This class is implemented to minimize data copying. In particular, all marshaling is done in situ...

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ACE_Name_Reply::Constants

MAX_NAME_LENGTH  Class-specific constant values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Name_Reply::ACE_Name_Reply ( void   ) 

Default constructor.

ACE_Name_Reply::ACE_Name_Reply ( ACE_UINT32  type,
ACE_UINT32  err 

Create a <ACE_Name_Reply> message.

Member Function Documentation

int ACE_Name_Reply::decode ( void   ) 

Decode a message after reception.

void ACE_Name_Reply::dump ( void   )  const

Print out the values of the message for debugging purposes.

int ACE_Name_Reply::encode ( void *&   ) 

Encode the message before transfer.

void ACE_Name_Reply::errnum ( ACE_UINT32   ) 

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Name_Reply::errnum ( void   )  const

void ACE_Name_Reply::init ( void   ) 

Initialize length_ in order to ensure correct byte ordering before a reply is sent.

void ACE_Name_Reply::length ( ACE_UINT32   ) 

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Name_Reply::length ( void   )  const

void ACE_Name_Reply::msg_type ( ACE_INT32   ) 

ACE_INT32 ACE_Name_Reply::msg_type ( void   )  const

void ACE_Name_Reply::status ( ACE_INT32   ) 

ACE_INT32 ACE_Name_Reply::status ( void   )  const

Member Data Documentation

Transfer ACE_Name_Reply::transfer_ [private]

Transfer buffer.

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