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#include <ORT_Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int activate (const char *server_id, const char *orb_id, PortableInterceptor::AdapterName *, PortableServer::POA_ptr poa)=0
 Activate the ORT library.
virtual int set_obj_ref_factory (PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory *current_factory)=0
 Set a different ort_factory to be used.
virtual PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceTemplate * get_adapter_template (void)=0
 Accessor methods to ObjectReferenceTemplate template.
virtual PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory * get_obj_ref_factory (void)=0
 Accessor methods to PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory.
virtual void release (PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceTemplate *t)=0
 Release any references on ObjectReferenceTemplate t.
PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory Methods
Methods required by the PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory ValueType.

@ Johnny, we won't be needing the exception specification below for long. Once bug 1852 is fixed, we can the exception specification and the "tao/SystemException.h" include above.

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr make_object (const char *repository_id, const PortableInterceptor::ObjectId &id)=0 throw ( CORBA::SystemException )

Detailed Description


Class that offers an interface to the POA to load and manipulate ORT library.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int TAO::ORT_Adapter::activate ( const char *  server_id,
const char *  orb_id,
PortableInterceptor::AdapterName ,
PortableServer::POA_ptr  poa 
) [pure virtual]

Activate the ORT library.

virtual PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceTemplate* TAO::ORT_Adapter::get_adapter_template ( void   )  [pure virtual]

Accessor methods to ObjectReferenceTemplate template.

virtual PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory* TAO::ORT_Adapter::get_obj_ref_factory ( void   )  [pure virtual]

Accessor methods to PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory.

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr TAO::ORT_Adapter::make_object ( const char *  repository_id,
const PortableInterceptor::ObjectId id 
) throw ( CORBA::SystemException ) [pure virtual]

virtual void TAO::ORT_Adapter::release ( PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceTemplate *  t  )  [pure virtual]

Release any references on ObjectReferenceTemplate t.

virtual int TAO::ORT_Adapter::set_obj_ref_factory ( PortableInterceptor::ObjectReferenceFactory *  current_factory  )  [pure virtual]

Set a different ort_factory to be used.

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