CIAO Namespace Reference

Monitor Interface. More...


class  Deployment_Configuration
class  DomainApplicationManager_Impl
 A servant for the Deployment::DomainApplicationManager interface. The DomainApplicationManager is responsible for deploying an application on the domain level, i.e. across nodes. It specializes the ApplicationManager abstract interface. More...
interface  ExecutionManagerDaemon
 CIAO Execution Manager Program. More...
interface  NodeManagerDaemon
 CIAO daemon process control program. More...
class  NodeApplication_Options
 An class for managing and extracting command line options for NodeApplication. More...
class  Container_Impl
 Servant implementation for the interface Deployment::Container. More...
class  NodeApp_Configurator
 This class defines and implements the default NodeApp_Configurator base class that's needed for configuring the NodeApplication process. More...
class  NodeApplication_Core
 An ACE_Task subclass that allow the ORB thread to be run as separate thread when RT behaviors are needed. More...
class  NodeApplication_Impl
class  NoOp_Configurator
class  RTResource_Config_Manager
 RTResource_Config_Manager maintains a collection of RTCORBA related resources. More...
class  RTNodeApp_Configurator
 This class implements a concrete NodeApp_Configurator for setting up the NodeApplication process for RT support. More...
class  Containers_Info_Map
class  NodeImplementationInfoHandler
class  NodeApplicationManager_Impl_Base
class  NAM_Handler
 The signal handler class for the SIGCHLD handling to avoid zombies. More...
class  NodeApplicationManager_Impl
class  Static_NodeApplicationManager_Impl
class  MonitorBase
class  CIAO_Monitor
 The Monitor class. More...
class  MonitorCB
 Updates data back to the TM. More...
class  MonitorController
 The Controller class. More...
class  NAM_Map
 Implementation of a map of NodeApplicationManagers. More...
class  NodeManager_Impl_Base
class  NodeManager_Impl
 Servant implementation CIAO's daemon process control interface. More...
class  Static_NodeManager_Impl
interface  RepositoryManagerDaemon
class  NodeApplication_Task
class  DomainDataManager
 Responsible for maintaining the Domain Information. More...
struct  Host_Info
struct  Component_Info
struct  Host_NodeManager
 Contains the node manager to host reference. More...
interface  TargetManagerExt
 The Target Manager Extension. More...


namespace  Execution_Manager
namespace  Plan_Launcher
namespace  RepositoryManager
namespace  RTServer


typedef int(MonitorCB::*) CallBack (::Deployment::Domain &)
 The Callback function pointer.
typedef MonitorBase *(*) MonitorFactory (void)
typedef sequence< Host_InfoHost_Infos
 The sequence of CPU infos.
typedef sequence< Component_InfoComponent_Infos
 The sequence of component cpu utilization.
typedef sequence< Host_NodeManagerHost_NodeManager_seq
 Sequence of NodeManager.


ACE_Proper_Export_Flag CIAO::MonitorBasecreateMonitor (void)
ACE_Proper_Export_Flag CIAO::MonitorBasecreateMonitor ()


const char * monitor_lib_name = "ciaomonlib"
 for the CIAO monitor
const int interval = 10
static const char * factory_func = "createMonitor"

Detailed Description

Monitor Interface.


Typedef Documentation

typedef int(MonitorCB::*) CIAO::CallBack(::Deployment::Domain &)

The Callback function pointer.

typedef MonitorBase*(*) CIAO::MonitorFactory(void)

typedef sequence<Host_Info> CIAO::Host_Infos

The sequence of CPU infos.

typedef sequence<Component_Info> CIAO::Component_Infos

The sequence of component cpu utilization.

typedef sequence<Host_NodeManager> CIAO::Host_NodeManager_seq

Sequence of NodeManager.

Function Documentation

ACE_Proper_Export_Flag CIAO::MonitorBase* CIAO::createMonitor ( void   ) 

ACE_Proper_Export_Flag CIAO::MonitorBase* CIAO::createMonitor ( void   ) 

Variable Documentation

const char* CIAO::monitor_lib_name = "ciaomonlib"

for the CIAO monitor

const int CIAO::interval = 10

const char* CIAO::factory_func = "createMonitor" [static]

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