TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field< StringType, TypeCodeType > Struct Template Reference

Name/type pair for fields of an OMG IDL defined structure or exception. More...

#include <TypeCode_Struct_Field.h>

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Public Attributes

StringType name
 The name of the field.
TypeCodeType type
 The CORBA::TypeCode of the field.

Detailed Description

template<typename StringType, typename TypeCodeType>
struct TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field< StringType, TypeCodeType >

Name/type pair for fields of an OMG IDL defined structure or exception.

A Struct_Field contains the corresponding name and pointer to the CORBA::TypeCode for a given OMG IDL defined type. For example, the fields in following OMG IDL structure:

   struct Foo
     long   the_number;
     string the_string;

would be represented using the following statically instantiated TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field array:

   TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field<char const *> _tao_fields_Foo[] =
       { "the_number", &CORBA::_tc_long },
       { "the_string", &CORBA::_tc_string },

The template parameter STRING_TYPE is either char const * or CORBA::String_var. The latter is only used when creating CORBA::tk_struct or CORBA::tk_except TypeCodes dynamically, such as through the TypeCodeFactory.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename StringType, typename TypeCodeType>
StringType TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field< StringType, TypeCodeType >::name

The name of the field.

template<typename StringType, typename TypeCodeType>
TypeCodeType TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field< StringType, TypeCodeType >::type

The CORBA::TypeCode of the field.

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