TAO::Null_RefCount_Policy Class Reference

No-op reference counting policy. More...

#include <Null_RefCount_Policy.h>

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Public Member Functions

void add_ref (void)
 No-op reference increment.
void remove_ref (void)
 No-op reference decrement.

Detailed Description

No-op reference counting policy.

This class is intended to be used as a "policy" argument to a host class template that implements no-op reference counting. That class would then inherit privately from it like so:

   template <class RefCountPolicy>
   class MyHostClass : private RefCountPolicy
     void my_add_ref (void)    { this->RefCountPolicy::add_ref (); }
     void my_remove_ref (void) { this->RefCountPolicy::remove_ref (); }

and use it like so:

   typedef MyHostClass<TAO::Null_RefCount_Policy> MyNonRefCountedClass;
   MyNonRefCountedClass m;

In order to incur no size overhead on the host class due to virtual tables, no base class defining an interface is defined. This allows C++ compilers to apply the Empty Base Class Optimization.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO::Null_RefCount_Policy::add_ref ( void   )  [inline]

No-op reference increment.

void TAO::Null_RefCount_Policy::remove_ref ( void   )  [inline]

No-op reference decrement.

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