ip Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

ACE_UINT8 ip_hl:4
ACE_UINT8 version:4
ACE_UINT16 total_len
ACE_UINT16 ident
ACE_UINT16 frag_and_flags
ACE_UINT8 ip_ttl
ACE_UINT8 proto
ACE_UINT16 checksum
ACE_UINT32 sourceIP

Member Data Documentation

ACE_UINT16 ip::checksum

ACE_UINT32 ip::destIP

ACE_UINT16 ip::frag_and_flags

ACE_UINT16 ip::ident

ACE_UINT8 ip::ip_hl

ACE_UINT8 ip::ip_ttl

ACE_UINT8 ip::proto

ACE_UINT32 ip::sourceIP

ACE_UINT8 ip::tos

ACE_UINT16 ip::total_len

ACE_UINT8 ip::version

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