Object_Argument_T.h File Reference

#include "tao/Argument.h"
#include "tao/Object_Argument_T.inl"

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namespace  TAO


class  TAO::In_Object_Argument_T< S_ptr, Insert_Policy >
 Template class for IN object argument. More...
class  TAO::Inout_Object_Argument_T< S_ptr, S_traits, Insert_Policy >
 Template class for INOUT object argument. More...
class  TAO::Out_Object_Argument_T< S_ptr, S_out, Insert_Policy >
 Template class for OUT object argument. More...
class  TAO::Ret_Object_Argument_T< S_ptr, S_var, Insert_Policy >
 Template class for return stub value of object argument. More...
struct  TAO::Object_Tag
 Struct for object arguments id tag. More...
struct  TAO::Object_Arg_Traits_T< T_ptr, T_var, T_out, T_traits, Insert_Policy >
 Template class for stub argument traits of objects. More...

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Jeff Parsons and Carlos O'Ryan

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