ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex Class Reference

Wrapper for readers/writer locks that exist within a process. More...

#include <RW_Thread_Mutex.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex (const ACE_TCHAR *name=0, void *arg=0)
 ~ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex (void)
 Default dtor.
int tryacquire_write_upgrade (void)
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of an object.

Public Attributes

 Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Detailed Description

Wrapper for readers/writer locks that exist within a process.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void *  arg = 0 

ACE_INLINE ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex::~ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex ( void   ) 

Default dtor.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex::dump ( void   )  const

Dump the state of an object.

Reimplemented from ACE_RW_Mutex.

ACE_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL ACE_INLINE int ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex::tryacquire_write_upgrade ( void   ) 

Conditionally upgrade a read lock to a write lock. This only works if there are no other readers present, in which case the method returns 0. Otherwise, the method returns -1 and sets <errno> to <EBUSY>. Note that the caller of this method *must* already possess this lock as a read lock (but this condition is not checked by the current implementation).

Reimplemented from ACE_RW_Mutex.

Member Data Documentation


Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Reimplemented from ACE_RW_Mutex.

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