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TAO_PSDL_String Class Reference

Wrapper for the ACE_CString to facilitate saving the string persistently. More...

#include <PSDL_String.h>

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Public Methods

 TAO_PSDL_String (void)

 TAO_PSDL_String (ACE_Allocator *persistent_allocator)

 TAO_PSDL_String (const TAO_PSDL_String &rhs)
 Copy constructor.

 ~TAO_PSDL_String (void)

void operator= (const TAO_PSDL_String &rhs)
 Assignment operator.

void operator= (const ACE_CString &rhs)
int operator== (const TAO_PSDL_String &rhs) const
 Equality comparison operator.

int operator!= (const TAO_PSDL_String &rhs) const
 Inequality comparison operator.

u_long hash (void) const
 Returns a hash value for this string.

 operator ACE_CString * () const
 operator ACE_CString * ()

Public Attributes

const char * buffer_
CORBA::ULong length_

Detailed Description

Wrapper for the ACE_CString to facilitate saving the string persistently.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_PSDL_String::TAO_PSDL_String void   


TAO_PSDL_String::TAO_PSDL_String ACE_Allocator   persistent_allocator


TAO_PSDL_String::TAO_PSDL_String const TAO_PSDL_String &    rhs

Copy constructor.

TAO_PSDL_String::~TAO_PSDL_String void   


Member Function Documentation

u_long TAO_PSDL_String::hash void    const

Returns a hash value for this string.

TAO_PSDL_String::operator ACE_CString *  

TAO_PSDL_String::operator ACE_CString *  

int TAO_PSDL_String::operator!= const TAO_PSDL_String &    rhs const

Inequality comparison operator.

void TAO_PSDL_String::operator= const ACE_CString   rhs

void TAO_PSDL_String::operator= const TAO_PSDL_String &    rhs

Assignment operator.

int TAO_PSDL_String::operator== const TAO_PSDL_String &    rhs const

Equality comparison operator.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Allocator* TAO_PSDL_String::allocator_

const char* TAO_PSDL_String::buffer_

CORBA::ULong TAO_PSDL_String::length_

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