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CosNotification::PropertyError Struct Reference

Describe the problems detected with an application requested QoS. More...

import "CosNotification.idl";

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Public Attributes

QoSError_code code
 Property error description.

PropertyName name
 Property name with a problem.

PropertyRange available_range

Detailed Description

Describe the problems detected with an application requested QoS.

If there are any problems with an application request for QoS the problems are raised using an exception that contains all the problems, and a description of the valid values (if they apply).

Member Data Documentation

PropertyRange CosNotification::PropertyError::available_range

Valid range for that property in the Notification Service implementation

QoSError_code CosNotification::PropertyError::code

Property error description.

PropertyName CosNotification::PropertyError::name

Property name with a problem.

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