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TAO_Stub Class Reference

TAO_Stub. More...

#include <Stub.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual CORBA::Policy_ptr get_policy (CORBA::PolicyType type)
virtual CORBA::Policy_ptr get_cached_policy (TAO_Cached_Policy_Type type)
virtual TAO_Stubset_policy_overrides (const CORBA::PolicyList &policies, CORBA::SetOverrideType set_add)
virtual CORBA::PolicyListget_policy_overrides (const CORBA::PolicyTypeSeq &types)
TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategytransport_queueing_strategy (void)
CORBA::ULong hash (CORBA::ULong maximum)
CORBA::Boolean is_equivalent (CORBA::Object_ptr other_obj)
 Implement the is_equivalent() method for the CORBA::Object.
 TAO_Stub (const char *repository_id, const TAO_MProfile &profiles, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 Construct from a repository ID and a list of profiles.
void _incr_refcnt (void)
void _decr_refcnt (void)
ACE_Lockprofile_lock (void) const
TAO_Profileprofile_in_use (void)
const TAO::ObjectKeyobject_key (void) const
 Return the ObjectKey.
TAO_MProfilemake_profiles (void)
const TAO_MProfilebase_profiles (void) const
 Obtain a reference to the basic profile set.
TAO_MProfilebase_profiles (void)
 Obtain a reference to the basic profile set.
const TAO_MProfileforward_profiles (void) const
 Obtain a pointer to the forwarded profile set.
TAO_Profilenext_profile (void)
void reset_profiles (void)
CORBA::Boolean valid_forward_profile (void)
void set_valid_profile (void)
 NON-THREAD-SAFE. Will set profile_success_ to 0.
CORBA::Boolean valid_profile (void) const
TAO_Profilebase_profiles (const TAO_MProfile &mprofiles)
void add_forward_profiles (const TAO_MProfile &mprofiles)
CORBA::Boolean next_profile_retry (void)
TAO_ORB_Coreorb_core (void) const
CORBA::ORB_ptr servant_orb_ptr (void)
 This returns a duplicated ORB pointer.
CORBA::ORB_varservant_orb_var (void)
 This returns the ORB var itself (generally for temporary use).
void servant_orb (CORBA::ORB_ptr orb)
int create_ior_info (IOP::IOR *&ior_info, CORBA::ULong &index)
void destroy (void)
 Deallocate the TAO_Stub object.
CORBA::Boolean optimize_collocation_objects (void) const
 Return the cached value from the ORB_Core.

Public Attributes

CORBA::String_var type_id
 All objref representations carry around a type ID.

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~TAO_Stub (void)
void reset_profiles_i (void)
 NON-THREAD SAFE version of reset_profiles (void);.
TAO_Profilenext_profile_i (void)
 NON-THREAD SAFE version of next_profile (void).

Protected Attributes

TAO_ORB_Core_Auto_Ptr orb_core_
 Automatically manage the ORB_Core reference count.
CORBA::ORB_var orb_
CORBA::ORB_var servant_orb_
TAO_MProfile base_profiles_
 Ordered list of profiles for this object.
 This is the profile that we are currently sending/receiving with.
 Mutex to protect access to the forwarding profile.
CORBA::Boolean profile_success_
 Have we successfully talked to the forward profile yet?
 Reference counter.
 Forwarded IOR info.
const CORBA::Boolean collocation_opt_

Private Member Functions

TAO_Profileset_profile_in_use_i (TAO_Profile *pfile)
void reset_base ()
void forward_back_one (void)
void reset_forward ()
TAO_Profilenext_forward_profile (void)
 NON-THREAD-SAFE. utility method for next_profile.
int get_profile_ior_info (TAO_MProfile &profile, IOP::IOR *&ior_info)
 THREAD-SAFE Create the IOR info.
 TAO_Stub (const TAO_Stub &)
TAO_Stuboperator= (const TAO_Stub &)

Detailed Description


Per-objref data includes the (protocol-specific) Profile, which is handled by placing it into a subclass of this type along with data that may be used in protocol-specific caching schemes. The type ID (the data specified by CORBA 2.0 that gets exposed "on the wire", and in stringified objrefs) is held by this module. The stub APIs are member functions of this type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL TAO_Stub::TAO_Stub const char *  repository_id,
const TAO_MProfile profiles,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core

Construct from a repository ID and a list of profiles.

TAO_Stub::~TAO_Stub void   )  [protected, virtual]

Destructor is to be called only through _decr_refcnt() to enforce proper reference counting.

TAO_Stub::TAO_Stub const TAO_Stub  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_Stub::_decr_refcnt void   ) 

void TAO_Stub::_incr_refcnt void   ) 

void TAO_Stub::add_forward_profiles const TAO_MProfile mprofiles  ) 

THREAD SAFE. Set the forward_profiles. This object will assume ownership of this TAO_MProfile object!!

ACE_INLINE TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::base_profiles const TAO_MProfile mprofiles  ) 

Initialize the base_profiles_ and set profile_in_use_ to reference the first profile.

ACE_INLINE TAO_MProfile & TAO_Stub::base_profiles void   ) 

Obtain a reference to the basic profile set.

ACE_INLINE const TAO_MProfile & TAO_Stub::base_profiles void   )  const

Obtain a reference to the basic profile set.

int TAO_Stub::create_ior_info IOP::IOR *&  ior_info,
CORBA::ULong index

Create the IOP::IOR info. We will create the info at most once. Get the index of the profile we are using to make the invocation.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::destroy void   ) 

Deallocate the TAO_Stub object.

This method is intended to be used only by the CORBA::Object class.

void TAO_Stub::forward_back_one void   )  [private]

NON-THREAD-SAFE. Utility method which unrolls (removes or pops) the top most forwarding profile list.

ACE_INLINE const TAO_MProfile * TAO_Stub::forward_profiles void   )  const

Obtain a pointer to the forwarded profile set.

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_Stub::get_cached_policy TAO_Cached_Policy_Type  type  )  [virtual]

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_Stub::get_policy CORBA::PolicyType  type  )  [virtual]

Returns the effective policy if type is a known client-exposed policy type. Returns the effective override for all other policy types.

CORBA::PolicyList * TAO_Stub::get_policy_overrides const CORBA::PolicyTypeSeq types  )  [virtual]

int TAO_Stub::get_profile_ior_info TAO_MProfile profile,
IOP::IOR *&  ior_info

THREAD-SAFE Create the IOR info.

CORBA::ULong TAO_Stub::hash CORBA::ULong  maximum  ) 

All objref representations know how to hash themselves and compare themselves for equivalence to others. It's easily possible to have two objrefs that are distinct copies of data that refers/points to the same remote object (i.e. are equivalent).

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::is_equivalent CORBA::Object_ptr  other_obj  ) 

Implement the is_equivalent() method for the CORBA::Object.

ACE_INLINE TAO_MProfile * TAO_Stub::make_profiles void   ) 

Copy of the profile list, user must free memory when done. although the user can call make_profiles() then reorder the list and give it back to TAO_Stub.

ACE_INLINE TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::next_forward_profile void   )  [private]

NON-THREAD-SAFE. utility method for next_profile.

ACE_INLINE TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::next_profile void   ) 

THREAD SAFE. If forward_profiles is null then this will get the next profile in the base_profiles list. If forward is not null then this will get the next profile for the list of forwarding profiles. If all profiles have been tried then 0 is returned and profile_in_use_ is set to the first profile in the base_profiles list.

ACE_INLINE TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::next_profile_i void   )  [protected]

NON-THREAD SAFE version of next_profile (void).

ACE_INLINE CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::next_profile_retry void   ) 

THREAD SAFE Used to get the next profile after the one being used has failed during the initial connect or send of the message!

const TAO::ObjectKey & TAO_Stub::object_key void   )  const

Return the ObjectKey.

TAO_Stub& TAO_Stub::operator= const TAO_Stub  )  [private]

ACE_INLINE CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::optimize_collocation_objects void   )  const

Return the cached value from the ORB_Core.

This flag indicates whether the stub code should make use of the collocation opportunities that are available to the ORB.

ACE_INLINE TAO_ORB_Core * TAO_Stub::orb_core void   )  const


ACE_INLINE TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::profile_in_use void   ) 

returns a pointer to the profile_in_use object. This object retains ownership of this profile.

ACE_INLINE ACE_Lock * TAO_Stub::profile_lock void   )  const

Return the Profile lock. This lock can be used at places where profiles need to be edited.


NON-THREAD-SAFE. Utility method which resets or initializes the base_profile list and forward flags.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::reset_forward  )  [private]

NOT THREAD-SAFE. Utility method which pops all forward profile lists and resets the forward_profiles_ pointer.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::reset_profiles void   ) 

THREAD SAFE this method will reset the base profile list to reference the first profile and if there are anmy existing forward profiles they are reset.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::reset_profiles_i void   )  [protected]

NON-THREAD SAFE version of reset_profiles (void);.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::servant_orb CORBA::ORB_ptr  orb  ) 

Accesor and mutator for the servant ORB. Notice that the mutator assumes the ownership of the passed in ORB and the accesor does not return a copy of the orb since the accessing of the ORB is considered temporary.

ACE_INLINE CORBA::ORB_ptr TAO_Stub::servant_orb_ptr void   ) 

This returns a duplicated ORB pointer.

ACE_INLINE CORBA::ORB_var & TAO_Stub::servant_orb_var void   ) 

This returns the ORB var itself (generally for temporary use).

TAO_Stub * TAO_Stub::set_policy_overrides const CORBA::PolicyList policies,
CORBA::SetOverrideType  set_add

TAO_Profile * TAO_Stub::set_profile_in_use_i TAO_Profile pfile  )  [private]

Makes a copy of the profile and frees the existing profile_in_use. NOT THREAD SAFE

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Stub::set_valid_profile void   ) 

NON-THREAD-SAFE. Will set profile_success_ to 0.

TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategy & TAO_Stub::transport_queueing_strategy void   ) 

Return the queueing strategy to be used in by the transport. Selection will be based on the SyncScope policies.

ACE_INLINE CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::valid_forward_profile void   ) 

Returns 1 if a forward profile has successfully been used. profile_success_ && forward_profiles_

ACE_INLINE CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::valid_profile void   )  const

Returns TRUE if a connection was successful with at least one profile.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_MProfile TAO_Stub::base_profiles_ [protected]

Ordered list of profiles for this object.

const CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::collocation_opt_ [protected]

This should be the same value as cached in the ORB_Core. The reason for caching this helps our generated code, notably the stubs to be decoubled from ORB_Core. Please do not move it away.

TAO_MProfile* TAO_Stub::forward_profiles_ [protected]

The list of forwarding profiles. This is actually implemented as a linked list of TAO_MProfile objects.

IOP::IOR* TAO_Stub::forwarded_ior_info_ [protected]

Forwarded IOR info.

IOP::IOR* TAO_Stub::ior_info_ [protected]

The ior info. This is needed for GIOP 1.2, as the clients could receive an exception from the server asking for this info. The exception that the client receives is LOC_NEEDS_ADDRESSING_MODE. The data is set up here to be passed on to Invocation classes when they receive an exception. This info is for the base profiles that this class stores

CORBA::ORB_var TAO_Stub::orb_ [protected]

Why do we need both a reference to the ORB_Core and its ORB? It think the memory management rules for the ORB_Core changed, in the good old days it was the CORBA::ORB class who owned the ORB_Core, now it is the other way around....

TAO_ORB_Core_Auto_Ptr TAO_Stub::orb_core_ [protected]

Automatically manage the ORB_Core reference count.

The ORB_Core cannot go away until the object references it creates are destroyed. There are multiple reasons for this, but in particular, the allocators used for some of the TAO_Profile objects contained on each TAO_Stub are owned by the TAO_ORB_Core.

This must be the first field of the class, otherwise the TAO_ORB_Core is destroyed too early!

TAO_Policy_Set* TAO_Stub::policies_ [protected]

The policy overrides in this object, if nil then use the default policies.

TAO_Profile* TAO_Stub::profile_in_use_ [protected]

This is the profile that we are currently sending/receiving with.

ACE_Lock* TAO_Stub::profile_lock_ptr_ [protected]

Mutex to protect access to the forwarding profile.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Stub::profile_success_ [protected]

Have we successfully talked to the forward profile yet?

ACE_Atomic_Op<TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX, CORBA::ULong> TAO_Stub::refcount_ [protected]

Reference counter.

CORBA::ORB_var TAO_Stub::servant_orb_ [protected]

If this stub refers to a collocated object then we need to hold on to the servant's ORB (which may be different from the client ORB) so that, 1. we know that the ORB will stay alive long enough, and, 2. we can search for the servant/POA's status starting from the ORB's RootPOA.

CORBA::String_var TAO_Stub::type_id

All objref representations carry around a type ID.

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