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TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base Class Reference

TAO_Pluggable_Acceptor_Params. More...

#include <Pluggable_Messaging_Utils.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base (void)
IOP::ServiceContextListservice_context_notowned (void)
void service_context_notowned (IOP::ServiceContextList *svc)

Public Attributes

IOP::ServiceContextList svc_ctx_
 The IOP service context list.
CORBA::ULong request_id_
 The request id for which the reply we (connector) has received.
CORBA::ULong reply_status_
 The reply status.
CORBA::Boolean is_dsi_
ptrdiff_t dsi_nvlist_align_
CORBA::Boolean argument_flag_

Protected Attributes

 The service context list that we don't own.

Detailed Description


This represents a set of data that would be assembled by the acceptor to pass to the connector. This base class is used by TAO_ServerRequest. The child class TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params is used on the client side, and contains an additional TAO_InputCDR member, not needed on the server side.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL ACE_INLINE TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE void TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_notowned IOP::ServiceContextList svc  ) 

ACE_INLINE IOP::ServiceContextList & TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_notowned void   ) 

Get and Set methods for the service context list that we dont own. This is useful for cases where the application objects own a service context list and would like to pass on their contents without a copy.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::argument_flag_

A flag that indicates if there is any data is going to get marshalled in the reply

ptrdiff_t TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::dsi_nvlist_align_

Info required for DSI optimization that pads the outgoing CDR stream according to the alignment of the NVList.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::is_dsi_

Since this class no longer contains an NVList, this is the way to determine if the request was DSI, so we can use Carlos' service context list no-deep-copy optimization.

CORBA::ULong TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::reply_status_

The reply status.

CORBA::ULong TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::request_id_

The request id for which the reply we (connector) has received.

IOP::ServiceContextList* TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_ [protected]

The service context list that we don't own.

IOP::ServiceContextList TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::svc_ctx_

The IOP service context list.

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