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Object.h File Reference

#include "tao/IOP_IORC.h"
#include "tao/CORBA_methods.h"
#include "tao/Policy_ForwardC.h"
#include "tao/Pseudo_VarOut_T.h"
#include "tao/Object_Argument_T.h"
#include "tao/Arg_Traits_T.h"
#include "tao/Any_Insert_Policy_T.h"

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namespace  TAO
namespace  CORBA


class  CORBA::Object
 Implementation of a CORBA object reference. More...
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::Object >
struct  TAO::Objref_Traits< CORBA::Object >


typedef ImplementationDef * ImplementationDef_ptr
typedef ContextList * ContextList_ptr


TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator<< (TAO_OutputCDR &, const CORBA::Object *)
TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>> (TAO_InputCDR &, CORBA::Object *&)


TAO_Export TAO::Object_Proxy_Broker *(* _TAO_Object_Proxy_Broker_Factory_function_pointer )(CORBA::Object_ptr obj)

Detailed Description

Object.h,v 1.109 2005/11/24 11:05:45 ossama Exp

A "Object" is an entity that can be the target of an invocation using an ORB. All CORBA objects provide this functionality. See the CORBA 3.x specification for details.

Portions Copyright 1994-1995 by Sun Microsystems Inc.

Portions Copyright 1997-2002 by Washington University

Typedef Documentation

typedef ContextList * CORBA::ContextList_ptr

typedef ImplementationDef* CORBA::ImplementationDef_ptr

Function Documentation

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator<< TAO_OutputCDR ,
const CORBA::Object

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>> TAO_InputCDR ,
CORBA::Object *& 

Variable Documentation

TAO_Export TAO::Object_Proxy_Broker*(* _TAO_Object_Proxy_Broker_Factory_function_pointer)(CORBA::Object_ptr obj)

This function pointer is set only when the Portable server library is present.

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