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ACE_timeprobe_t Class Reference

Time probe record. More...

#include <Timeprobe.h>

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Public Types

enum  event_type { NUMBER, STRING }
 Type of event. More...

Public Attributes

event event_
event_type event_type_
 Type of event.
ACE_hrtime_t time_
ACE_thread_t thread_
 Id of thread posting the time probe.

Detailed Description

Time probe record.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ACE_timeprobe_t::event_type

Type of event.

Enumeration values:

Member Data Documentation

event ACE_timeprobe_t::event_


event_type ACE_timeprobe_t::event_type_

Type of event.

ACE_thread_t ACE_timeprobe_t::thread_

Id of thread posting the time probe.

ACE_hrtime_t ACE_timeprobe_t::time_


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