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ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer Class Reference

#include <Svc_Conf_Lexer.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

int yylex (ACE_YYSTYPE *ace_yylval, ACE_Svc_Conf_Param *param)

Static Private Member Functions

size_t input (ACE_Svc_Conf_Param *param, char *buf, size_t max_size)
int scan (ACE_YYSTYPE *ace_yylval, ACE_Svc_Conf_Param *param)

Detailed Description

This class lexes the classic ACE Service Configurator language. The entry point is similar to what flex would generate. However, it is a static method in this class (which is really just name space).

Member Function Documentation

size_t ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer::input ACE_Svc_Conf_Param param,
char *  buf,
size_t  max_size
[static, private]

int ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer::scan ACE_YYSTYPE ace_yylval,
ACE_Svc_Conf_Param param
[static, private]

int ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer::yylex ACE_YYSTYPE ace_yylval,
ACE_Svc_Conf_Param param

This is similar to the C function, ace_yylex, which a bison generated parser expects. It returns information in the ace_yylval parameter and uses input stored in the param parameter.

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