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Condition_Thread_Mutex.h File Reference

#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/Thread_Mutex.h"
#include "ace/Condition_Thread_Mutex.inl"

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class  ACE_Condition_Attributes
class  ACE_Condition_Thread_Mutex
 ACE_Condition variable wrapper written using ACE_Mutexes This allows threads to block until shared data changes state. A condition variable enables threads to atomically block and test the condition under the protection of a mutual exclu- sion lock (mutex) until the condition is satisfied. That is, the mutex must have been held by the thread before calling wait or signal on the condition. If the condition is false, a thread blocks on a condition variable and atomically releases the mutex that is waiting for the condition to change. If another thread changes the condition, it may wake up waiting threads by signaling the associated condition variable. The waiting threads, upon awakening, reacquire the mutex and re-evaluate the condition. More...

Detailed Description

Condition_Thread_Mutex.h,v 4.3 2005/10/28 16:14:51 ossama Exp

Moved from Synch.h.

Douglas C. Schmidt <>

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