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RtecEventChannelAdmin::Dependency Struct Reference

Encapsulate the parameters of a consumer QoS property. More...

import "RtecEventChannelAdmin.idl";

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Public Attributes

RtecEventComm::Event event
RtecBase::handle_t rt_info

Detailed Description

Encapsulate the parameters of a consumer QoS property.

This structure is used to represent both filtering information and the QoS requirements that the consumer has for events that pass the filter.

It has become painfully obvious that we don't need a complete RtecEventComm::Event to declare the dependency, simply the EventHeader would do.

Member Data Documentation

RtecEventComm::Event RtecEventChannelAdmin::Dependency::event

The filtering information, usually takes the form of an event type and/or source that the consumer is interested in.

RtecBase::handle_t RtecEventChannelAdmin::Dependency::rt_info

This handle is ignored for Event Channels configured without an scheduling service.

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