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RtecEventComm::PushConsumer Interface Reference

Define the interface used by consumers to receive events. More...

import "RtecEventComm.idl";

Inheritance diagram for RtecEventComm::PushConsumer:

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Public Member Functions

oneway void push (in EventSet data)
 Main event delivery callback.
void disconnect_push_consumer ()
 Callback method to indicate a disconnection.

Detailed Description

Define the interface used by consumers to receive events.

Applications usually implement this interface to subscribe for events.

Member Function Documentation

void RtecEventComm::PushConsumer::disconnect_push_consumer  ) 

Callback method to indicate a disconnection.

If the event service is destroyed while a consumer is still connected then the following callback operation is invoked on the consumer.

The same operation is used by suppliers to disconnect from the Event Channel, but it is invoked via their RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushConsumer peer.

oneway void RtecEventComm::PushConsumer::push in EventSet  data  ) 

Main event delivery callback.

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