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RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel Interface Reference

The main interface for the event service. More...

import "RtecEventChannelAdmin.idl";

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Public Member Functions

ConsumerAdmin for_consumers ()
SupplierAdmin for_suppliers ()
void destroy ()
 Shuts down the Event Channel.
Observer_Handle append_observer (in Observer gw) raises (SYNCHRONIZATION_ERROR,CANT_APPEND_OBSERVER)
 Add an observer to the event channel.
void remove_observer (in Observer_Handle gw) raises (SYNCHRONIZATION_ERROR,CANT_REMOVE_OBSERVER)
 Remove the observer.

Detailed Description

The main interface for the event service.

This class provides the main entry point for the Event Service. The class follows a protocol similar to the COS Events Service as described in the CORBAservices spec.

Member Function Documentation

Observer_Handle RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::append_observer in Observer  gw  )  raises (SYNCHRONIZATION_ERROR,CANT_APPEND_OBSERVER)

Add an observer to the event channel.

Return the handle used in the remove_observer() call.

void RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::destroy  ) 

Shuts down the Event Channel.

Calling this methods destroys the event service, all its resource and results in a call to disconnect_push_XXX() on all connected clients.

ConsumerAdmin RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::for_consumers  ) 

Consumers call this method to gain access to the ProxyPushSupplier factory.

SupplierAdmin RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::for_suppliers  ) 

Suppliers call this method to gain access to the ProxyPushConsumer factory.

void RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::remove_observer in Observer_Handle  gw  )  raises (SYNCHRONIZATION_ERROR,CANT_REMOVE_OBSERVER)

Remove the observer.

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