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TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory Class Reference

Factory for the EC_Gateway_IIOP settings. More...

#include <EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory (void)
virtual ~TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory (void)
TAO_ECG_ConsumerEC_Controlcreate_consumerec_control (TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP *gateway)
 Create the consumer event channel control.
void destroy_consumerec_control (TAO_ECG_ConsumerEC_Control *x)
 Destroy consumer event channel control.
int use_ttl (void) const
 Accessors to use_ttl flag.
int use_consumer_proxy_map (void) const
 Accessors to use_consumer_proxy_map flag.
virtual int init (int argc, char *argv[])
virtual int fini (void)

Static Public Member Functions

int init_svcs (void)

Protected Attributes

ACE_CString orbid_
 Use this ORB to locate global resources.
int consumer_ec_control_
 The control policy for the consumer event channel.
int consumer_ec_control_period_
 The consumer event channel control periods in usecs.
ACE_Time_Value consumer_ec_control_timeout_
 The control timeout in usecs for the consumer event channel.
int use_ttl_
int use_consumer_proxy_map_

Private Member Functions

void unsupported_option_value (const char *option_name, const char *option_value)

Detailed Description

Factory for the EC_Gateway_IIOP settings.

Default configuration values can be found in ECG_Defaults.h

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory void   ) 

TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::~TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

TAO_ECG_ConsumerEC_Control * TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::create_consumerec_control TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP gateway  ) 

Create the consumer event channel control.

void TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::destroy_consumerec_control TAO_ECG_ConsumerEC_Control x  ) 

Destroy consumer event channel control.

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::fini void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE_Shared_Object.

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::init int  argc,
char *  argv[]

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::init_svcs void   )  [static]

Helper function to register the Gateway into the service configurator.

void TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::unsupported_option_value const char *  option_name,
const char *  option_value

Helper for agrument parsing. Prints out an error message about unsupported option value.

ACE_INLINE int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::use_consumer_proxy_map void   )  const

Accessors to use_consumer_proxy_map flag.

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL ACE_INLINE int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::use_ttl void   )  const

Accessors to use_ttl flag.

Member Data Documentation

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::consumer_ec_control_ [protected]

The control policy for the consumer event channel.

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::consumer_ec_control_period_ [protected]

The consumer event channel control periods in usecs.

ACE_Time_Value TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::consumer_ec_control_timeout_ [protected]

The control timeout in usecs for the consumer event channel.

ACE_CString TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::orbid_ [protected]

Use this ORB to locate global resources.

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::use_consumer_proxy_map_ [protected]

The flag for using the consumer proxy map. With 1 the consumer proxy map is used, meaning that for each unique source id we use a different proxy push consumer, if 0, we only use one proxy push consumer for all source ids.

int TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_Factory::use_ttl_ [protected]

If 1, we use the TTL flags, if 0, we just ignore TTL.

When this flag is set to 0, make sure that no recursive structures exists in the gateway setup for the same source/type combination, else one event will flow continuosly through all gateways.

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