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TAO_ECG_UDP_Protocol Class Reference

Define the protocol parameters to federate TAO's Real-time Event Service via UDP. More...

#include <ECG_UDP_Protocol.h>

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Public Types

enum  { ECG_HEADER_SIZE = 32, ECG_MIN_MTU = 32 + 8, ECG_MAX_MTU = 65536, ECG_DEFAULT_MTU = 1024 }

Detailed Description

Define the protocol parameters to federate TAO's Real-time Event Service via UDP.


The messages header are encapsulated using CDR, with the following format:

struct Header { octet byte_order_flags;
// bit 0 represents the byte order as in GIOP 1.1
// bit 1 is set if this is the last fragment
unsigned long request_id;
// The request ID, protocols must not send two requests with
// the same ID, protocols can be distinguished using recvfrom..
unsigned long request_size;
// The size of this request, this can be used to pre-allocate
// the request buffer.
unsgined long fragment_size;
// The size of this fragment, excluding the header...
unsigned long fragment_offset;
// Where does this fragment fit in the complete message...
unsigned long fragment_id;
// The ID of this fragment...
unsigned long fragment_count;
// The total number of fragments to expect in this request


This could be eliminated if efficient reassembly // could be implemented without it. octet padding[4];

// Ensures the header ends at an 8-byte boundary. }; // size (in CDR stream) = 32

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anonymous enum

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