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ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory Class Reference

#include <Event_Utilities.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory (TAO_EC_Event_Initializer initializer=0, int qos_max_len=0)
 Default construction.
int insert (RtecEventComm::EventSourceID sid, RtecEventComm::EventType type, RtecBase::handle_t rtinfo, u_int ncalls)
const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOSget_SupplierQOS (void)
 operator const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS & (void)
 Calls this->get_SupplierQOS().

Static Public Member Functions

void debug (const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS &qos)

Private Attributes

RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS qos_
 Representation needed by channel.
TAO_EC_Event_Initializer event_initializer_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory TAO_EC_Event_Initializer  initializer = 0,
int  qos_max_len = 0

Default construction.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::debug const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS qos  )  [static]

ACE_INLINE const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS & ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::get_SupplierQOS void   ) 

Allows conversions to SupplierQOS, which is expected by the PushSupplierProxy::connect_push_supplier interface.

int ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::insert RtecEventComm::EventSourceID  sid,
RtecEventComm::EventType  type,
RtecBase::handle_t  rtinfo,
u_int  ncalls

Publish sid and type that is generate by a method described by rtinfo. The method generates type ncalls number of times per "iteration."

ACE_INLINE ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::operator const RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS & void   ) 

Calls this->get_SupplierQOS().

Member Data Documentation

TAO_EC_Event_Initializer ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::event_initializer_ [private]

If not zero this is a user-provided function used to initialize the events. When the event contains unions this is required to avoid marshaling and demarshaling of default initialized unions that (AFAIK) is not CORBA compliant.

RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOS ACE_SupplierQOS_Factory::qos_ [private]

Representation needed by channel.

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