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ECG_Adapters.h File Reference

#include "orbsvcs/RtecUDPAdminC.h"
#include "ace/Refcounted_Auto_Ptr.h"

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class  TAO_ECG_Handler_Shutdown
 Interface that should be implemented by multicast and udp handlers in EC gateways, so the handlers can be notified of shutdown (usually by Event Receivers). More...
class  TAO_ECG_Dgram_Handler
 Interface used by mcast/udp handlers to notify interested components (usually Event Receivers) that there is data available on the dgram for reading, and to query them about event type to mcast group mappings. More...


typedef ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr<

Detailed Description

ECG_Adapters.h,v 1.9 2005/11/27 12:04:07 ossama Exp

Marina Spivak <>
Define interfaces ECG Receivers and Mcast and UDP handlers can use to communicate with each other. Use of these interfaces eliminates the coupling of specific Receivers on specific handlers, and vice versa.

Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr<TAO_ECG_Handler_Shutdown, ACE_Null_Mutex> TAO_ECG_Refcounted_Handler

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