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TAO::ORT_Adapter_Factory Class Reference

ORT_Adapter_Factory. More...

#include <ORT_Adapter_Factory.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ORT_Adapter_Factory (void)
virtual TAO::ORT_Adaptercreate ()=0
 Create a new adapter, in case not possible to allocate, returns 0.
virtual void destroy (TAO::ORT_Adapter *adapter)=0
 Destroy the passed adapter.

Detailed Description


Class that creates one instance of TAO::ORT_Adapter per POA on the POA's first usage of its objectreferencetemplate_adapter. This is a base class for the actual implementation in the TAO_ObjectReferenceTemplate library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::ORT_Adapter_Factory::~ORT_Adapter_Factory void   )  [virtual]


Even though this class only defines an interface, a destructor is necessary to avoid dynamic_cast<> failures when using g++ 4.0's -fvisibility-inlines-hidden command line option. Apparently the compiler generated destructor is inlined.

Member Function Documentation

virtual TAO::ORT_Adapter* TAO::ORT_Adapter_Factory::create  )  [pure virtual]

Create a new adapter, in case not possible to allocate, returns 0.

virtual void TAO::ORT_Adapter_Factory::destroy TAO::ORT_Adapter adapter  )  [pure virtual]

Destroy the passed adapter.

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