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TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry Struct Reference

Value field of the ObjectGroup map. More...

#include <PG_ObjectGroup_Map.h>

Collaboration diagram for TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry:

Collaboration graph
List of all members.

Public Attributes

CORBA::String_var type_id
CORBA::ULong group_id
 This is the PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId.
PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_var object_group
 Reference to the ObjectGroup.
TAO_PG_MemberInfo_Set member_infos
PortableGroup::Properties properties

Detailed Description

Value field of the ObjectGroup map.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::ULong TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry::group_id

This is the PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId.

The spec states that PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId is a CORBA::ULongLong. However, the over 4 billion group IDs that can be represented by a CORBA::ULong should be plenty for any application.

TAO_PG_MemberInfo_Set TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry::member_infos

Unbounded set containing member references and all related information for each member.

PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_var TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry::object_group

Reference to the ObjectGroup.

PortableGroup::Properties TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry::properties

Properties used when creating this object group, in addition to those set dynamically after the creation.

CORBA::String_var TAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_Entry::type_id

The RepositoryId corresponding to all Members in the ObjectGroup.

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