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TAO_PG Namespace Reference


class  TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder
struct  TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::NamedValue


TAO_PortableGroup_Export CORBA::Boolean get_property_value (const PortableGroup::Name &property_name, const PortableGroup::Properties &properties, PortableGroup::Value &property_value)
TAO_PortableGroup_Export void override_properties (const PortableGroup::Properties &overrides, PortableGroup::Properties &properties)

Function Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL CORBA::Boolean TAO_PG::get_property_value const PortableGroup::Name property_name,
const PortableGroup::Properties properties,
PortableGroup::Value property_value

true if successful, false otherwise

void TAO_PG::override_properties const PortableGroup::Properties overrides,
PortableGroup::Properties properties

If no property is overridden, the override in question will be appended to the "properties" list.

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