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PG_Operators.h File Reference

#include "portablegroup_export.h"
#include "orbsvcs/CosNamingC.h"

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bool TAO_PortableGroup_Export 
operator== (const CosNaming::Name &lhs, const CosNaming::Name &rhs)
 Global CosNaming::Name equality operator.
bool TAO_PortableGroup_Export operator!= (const CosNaming::Name &lhs, const CosNaming::Name &rhs)
 Global CosNaming::Name inequality operator.

Detailed Description

PG_Operators.h,v 1.8 2005/11/14 22:03:50 ossama Exp

Ossama Othman <>

Function Documentation

bool TAO_PortableGroup_Export operator!= const CosNaming::Name lhs,
const CosNaming::Name rhs

Global CosNaming::Name inequality operator.

This simple implementation simply negates the result of the equality operator.

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL bool TAO_PortableGroup_Export operator== const CosNaming::Name lhs,
const CosNaming::Name rhs

Global CosNaming::Name equality operator.

Used for checking equality of PortableGroup::Location and PortableGroup::Property variables.

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