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PG_FactoryRegistry.h File Reference

#include "tao/Versioned_Namespace.h"
#include "portablegroup_export.h"
#include "orbsvcs/PortableGroupS.h"
#include "ace/Hash_Map_Manager.h"
#include "ace/SString.h"
#include "ace/Null_Mutex.h"

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namespace  TAO


class  TAO::PG_FactoryRegistry
struct  TAO::PG_FactoryRegistry::RoleInfo

Detailed Description

PG_FactoryRegistry.h,v 1.11 2005/11/24 11:05:44 ossama Exp

This file declares the implementation of PortableGroup::FactoryRegistry. Eventually this should be folded into the Fault Tolerance ReplicationManager

Dale Wilson <>

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