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ZIP_Wrapper Class Reference

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#include <ZIP_Wrapper.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

size_t file_list_info (char *zip_name, ACE_Double_Linked_List< ZIP_File_Info > &list)
bool get_file (char *accessor, ACE_Message_Block &file)
bool get_file (char *archive_path, char *filename, ACE_Message_Block &file)
bool uncompress (char *zip_archive, char *path="", bool verbose=true)

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

size_t ZIP_Wrapper::file_list_info char *  zip_name,
ACE_Double_Linked_List< ZIP_File_Info > &  list

bool ZIP_Wrapper::get_file char *  archive_path,
char *  filename,
ACE_Message_Block file

bool ZIP_Wrapper::get_file char *  accessor,
ACE_Message_Block file

bool ZIP_Wrapper::uncompress char *  zip_archive,
char *  path = "",
bool  verbose = true

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