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Config_Handler::XStr Class Reference

#include <XercesString.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XStr ()
 XStr (const char *str)
 XStr (XMLCh *wstr)
 XStr (const XMLCh *wstr)
 XStr (const XStr &copy)
XStroperator= (const XStr &rhs)
 ~XStr ()
const XMLCh * begin () const
const XMLCh * end () const
bool append (const XMLCh *tail)
bool erase (const XMLCh *head, const XMLCh *tail)
int size () const
XMLCh operator[] (const int i)
XMLCh operator[] (const int i) const
 operator const XMLCh * () const

Private Attributes

XMLCh * _wstr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Config_Handler::XStr::XStr  )  [inline]

Config_Handler::XStr::XStr const char *  str  ) 

Config_Handler::XStr::XStr XMLCh *  wstr  ) 

Config_Handler::XStr::XStr const XMLCh *  wstr  ) 

Config_Handler::XStr::XStr const XStr copy  ) 

Config_Handler::XStr::~XStr  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool Config_Handler::XStr::append const XMLCh *  tail  ) 

const XMLCh * Config_Handler::XStr::begin  )  const

const XMLCh * Config_Handler::XStr::end  )  const

bool Config_Handler::XStr::erase const XMLCh *  head,
const XMLCh *  tail

Config_Handler::XStr::operator const XMLCh *  )  const [inline]

XStr & Config_Handler::XStr::operator= const XStr rhs  ) 

XMLCh Config_Handler::XStr::operator[] const int  i  )  const

XMLCh Config_Handler::XStr::operator[] const int  i  ) 

int Config_Handler::XStr::size  )  const

Member Data Documentation

XMLCh* Config_Handler::XStr::_wstr [private]

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