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Basic_Handler Class Reference

The base class for all the Handler classes. More...

#include <Basic_Handler.h>

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Public Types

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<
ACE_TString, int, ACE_Null_Mutex
typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Iterator<
ACE_TString, int, ACE_Null_Mutex
typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<
int, ACE_TString, ACE_Null_Mutex

Public Member Functions

 Basic_Handler (DOMDocument *doc, unsigned long filter_)
 Basic_Handler (DOMNodeIterator *iter, bool release=false)
 Basic_Handler (DOMDocument *doc, DOMNodeIterator *iter, bool release=false)
 ~Basic_Handler (void)
REF_MAPid_map ()
void set_iter (DOMNodeIterator *iter)
void set_doc (DOMDocument *doc)

Protected Attributes

DOMDocumentTraversal * traverse_
DOMDocument * doc_
DOMNode * root_
unsigned long filter_
DOMNodeIterator * iter_
bool release_
int index_
REF_MAP id_map_
IDREF_MAP idref_map_

Detailed Description

The base class for all the Handler classes.

This class provides the functionalities common to all handler classes. Keeps variables for basic XML document handling, initialization/uninitialization, and required get/set methods.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<int, ACE_TString, ACE_Null_Mutex> Basic_Handler::IDREF_MAP

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Iterator<ACE_TString, int, ACE_Null_Mutex> Basic_Handler::REF_ITER

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<ACE_TString, int, ACE_Null_Mutex> Basic_Handler::REF_MAP

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BEGIN_DEPLOYMENT_NAMESPACE Basic_Handler::Basic_Handler DOMDocument *  doc,
unsigned long  filter_

Basic_Handler::Basic_Handler DOMNodeIterator *  iter,
bool  release = false

Basic_Handler::Basic_Handler DOMDocument *  doc,
DOMNodeIterator *  iter,
bool  release = false

Basic_Handler::~Basic_Handler void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

REF_MAP& Basic_Handler::id_map  )  [inline]

void Basic_Handler::set_doc DOMDocument *  doc  )  [inline]

void Basic_Handler::set_iter DOMNodeIterator *  iter  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

DOMDocument* Basic_Handler::doc_ [protected]

unsigned long Basic_Handler::filter_ [protected]

REF_MAP Basic_Handler::id_map_ [protected]

IDREF_MAP Basic_Handler::idref_map_ [protected]

int Basic_Handler::index_ [protected]

DOMNodeIterator* Basic_Handler::iter_ [protected]

bool Basic_Handler::release_ [protected]

DOMNode* Basic_Handler::root_ [protected]

DOMDocumentTraversal* Basic_Handler::traverse_ [protected]

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